Gino’s Birthday for my First Blog Post :-)

I wanted to compose a good blog introduction and make sure my first ever blog site is understandable and has a presentable look before I launch it.  This was about a month ago after I signed up to create this blog and I haven’t gotten a chance to sit down to do what I wanted to do. Ironically, the problem is actually not time. It just sounds like a good excuse. There is time. I can make the time. But what can I do when words wouldn’t flow easily even when I have the time? Another excuse. So enough of that for now. Today was a great day for my husband’s birthday and let me instead share with you how we celebrated his special day.

I wanted to surprise him. The initial plan was to get our church friends and closest friends, almost like family to us, to have lunch at a restaurant I made reservations at after our church service today. Yesterday, while I was on the phone with the restaurant manager, he overheard our conversation and that pretty much revealed everything. But that made him so excited to look forward for this day and he ended up helping me contact other friends we want to share this day with. Our friends have blessed my husband through their birthday prayer messages towards the end and every time a person has shared a message, I was the one who kept saying thank you like I was the celebrant. So much fun indeed! 🙂

With our family friends Gary and Jeriel with Jamie, and our church friends and bowling/date night buddies Todd and Shari with TJ

We enjoyed our lunch fellowship too much that I missed to say my birthday message to my husband. So let me take this moment to express how thankful I am to be married to such a wonderful man. Everyday with my husband is a deeper understanding of how amazing God’s grace really is through his gentle leadership and unconditional love. I am a stronger and more confident woman because he loves me even on days that I am not lovable. He has seen me in my worst, and yet every day is an experience of his commitment to continually bring out the best in me. That’s why I love him from here, to the moon and back. My prayer is that he will continue to grow deeper in his understanding and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18), and that he will continue to walk by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7).

I also want to let this blog post tell our friends how thankful I am once again for their presence and their friendship. Also for the unexpected and perfect gifts you so lavishly gave for Gino. God bless you more and more!

Other birthday images shown below. 🙂

homerun! and you can put it on the board, yeah!

1 candle on each base and 3 candles on the home plate

ready for some desert

Gino gets a birthday message from Jamie and a Chicago White Sox calendar with facts and trivia about baseball.

John’s birthday message and a C.S Lewis devotional book! I will definitely use that too!

overall a fun birthday for Mr. G!

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