Up, Beyond those Mining Lines… (from Philex Mines Pep Song)

My husband and I recently bought a painting of the mining community I grew up in in the Philippines and where I spent 21 years of my life, from an artist friend, who also lived in the same community. I did not think twice when he posted in his blog site that he was selling it and a few more of his art pieces. I thought to myself, “I have to get this one”. I felt the connection immediately when I saw it. It’s like a window of the past. It generated an exciting feeling of remembrance of my childhood days, and how life was a lot simpler then. Although I don’t remember everything exactly, just bits and pieces of our every day routine, it is still special because everything about who I am began here. The view of the place in this painting gives me a full account of how our good Lord from above has been so faithful in my life through the years. And no, this is definitely not another birthday message. I have meant to share about this painting since I got it framed, but we only got the chance to take a picture of it a few days ago.


Untitled Painting of Philex Mines by Ramon Eugene Daen, acrylic on canvas

My husband did not have a big reaction when I told him I wanted to buy the painting and if he did not agree, I will hold off on it. But it was okay with him and he already wanted to make the purchase the day I showed him the painting on my friend’s blog site. I wanted to make sure he is 100% okay with this, as that is how we are in our household when purchasing anything regardless of the price. When he needs a new pair of socks or a different color of a tie or anything he needs, he won’t do anything unless he communicates it with me, and vice versa. And so, aside from the fact that he owns a franchise of an Art Education Program, he was very interested about the story this painting will tell us about my life in the mines. So then I made the arrangement for the buy.

The big reaction I was kind of waiting for happened when the painting arrived in our home. He took the canvas out of the FedEx tube box, stretched it with his hands and scanned it with his eyes from top to bottom, side to side and corner to corner. While I was too curious to look myself, and before I can ask him about what he thinks of it, he exclaimed; “Wow, this is a great work, Mona. What a skillful execution! I think we got a good deal with this.”

We live in a digital world that is moving so fast and one may think if it is still practical or cool to invest on hand-painted images. I would say yes. In fact it is wiser to invest on original art work in this kind of world we live in now because the more digital we move into, authentic art work becomes more valuable and significant.

If you are interested in owning a good quality art piece, here is a link to his blog for the other available paintings that are for sale, http://www.voyager-3.com/search/label/Art%20%2F%20Painting. You may leave a comment in his blog if interested in any of the paintings or if you have any questions. You may also contact me by leaving your comments in this blog post.

Also, here is a separate story about the painting that my husband and I bought from the photo above,  http://www.voyager-3.com/2012/05/philex-mines-from-high-school.html

Check it out, you guys!


Butterscotch Sunset

I love watching sunsets.image

It’s like a butterscotch sundae with strawberry swirl mixed in and then melts right into the ocean and brings a majestic view of the sky above the water. Yesterday was a great day, and my husband took me out on a short walk by Lake Michigan at the North Avenue sandbar. He said after a long and very cold winter, he thought we’d treat ourselves by spending the first day of spring to watch a sunset. I held on to his arms while we watched the beautiful scattering of orange and reddish colors in the sky. The light and warmth of the sun filled my heart with awe and wonder to behold such an amazing picture only God can artistically paint.

Dusk is my favorite time of the day. I’d like to tell you many reasons why but it is past midnight and my bed is calling me. When I am able to continue this post, which I intend to, I hope you come back and check it out.

I am just thankful it is finally spring time. Thank you, Lord!