Honest Mistake

A very funny thing happened at the beach parking lot today. I wanted so much to disappear in embarrassment.

I told G to go ahead to where we parked at because I needed to go to the club’s restroom before we head back home. When I was walking towards our car, there was a man who was trying to open the passenger’s door while leaning over the window trying to view what’s inside. My brows furrowed and I immediately reached for my phone inside my purse and when I got a little nearer, I confronted him.

“Excuse me, what are you doing”?

He stood straight and looked around trying to find where the voice was coming from. I was right behind him and he had to turn around to face me. He was a very tall guy, about 6’3″. Looking down at me, he politely asked; “I’m sorry, are you talking to me?”

I answered back with stronger voice this time, “Yes, you. And I need you to get your hands off my truck or I will call the…”

Before the word police come out of my mouth, I heard G yell at me about 2 cars further to inform me, “Mona, we’re here.”

We both turned our heads where G was and then looked back at each other with our eyes and mouths opened wide. I felt so embarrassed and he looked so confused. All I could do was force a smile on my face and slowly walk away before he picks me up with his hand and possibly throw me back on the water.

After G told me he talked to that guy too because he accidentally locked his car keys inside and was trying to digitally open it through his phone, I wanted to hide my face and disappear forever.

Whew. Tapos natastas pa yung hem ng shorts ko. ;-(

Gino couldn’t stop laughing at me while I was telling him to open our car and get me out of there. But then I had the car keys in my pocket and he continued to enjoy watching me melt in embarrassment. Oh boy, Why do I do the things I do?



Remembering Ma on Mother’s Day

I’ve been switching the names of my co-workers last week and it reminded me of a person who was known for doing the same thing. And when she wants to call someone, she’d mention two to three names first before she can say the name of the person she wanted to ask or say something to. I don’t know how and why she does it, but that is how it was with her before and this is how it has been with me lately. Oh, no. Look what you have done to me now, Mother. I have become just like you!

But I’ve always wanted to be like you anyway. I’ve liked and admired the way you thought things through even when we disagreed sometimes. I loved your sense of fashion and I will never forget how you always tell me to dress my best even when it’s a Wednesday or Friday. I felt so special every time you asked me what you wanted to make for me when I come home on the weekends back when I was in college and when I was already working in the city. You’ve always made my bed so comfortable so that I can get a good night’s sleep. You’ve heated water for my bath, prepared my breakfast in the morning, pressed my clothes, fixed my shoes, gave me money, kept my graduation pictures and prayed for me a lot. And you know what is more amazing? You had seven children, and you did the same to each of them. How can we thank you for all these, Mother?

Today is Mother’s day again. So I called my sisters to greet them a happy Mother’s day. I heard your voice in theirs. We all cried, and laughed, and cried again. Thank you ,Ma, for teaching us to love and take care of each other. Happy Mother’s day. I’ll see you in God’s time.