Honest Mistake

A very funny thing happened at the beach parking lot today. I wanted so much to disappear in embarrassment.

I told G to go ahead to where we parked at because I needed to go to the club’s restroom before we head back home. When I was walking towards our car, there was a man who was trying to open the passenger’s door while leaning over the window trying to view what’s inside. My brows furrowed and I immediately reached for my phone inside my purse and when I got a little nearer, I confronted him.

“Excuse me, what are you doing”?

He stood straight and looked around trying to find where the voice was coming from. I was right behind him and he had to turn around to face me. He was a very tall guy, about 6’3″. Looking down at me, he politely asked; “I’m sorry, are you talking to me?”

I answered back with stronger voice this time, “Yes, you. And I need you to get your hands off my truck or I will call the…”

Before the word police come out of my mouth, I heard G yell at me about 2 cars further to inform me, “Mona, we’re here.”

We both turned our heads where G was and then looked back at each other with our eyes and mouths opened wide. I felt so embarrassed and he looked so confused. All I could do was force a smile on my face and slowly walk away before he picks me up with his hand and possibly throw me back on the water.

After G told me he talked to that guy too because he accidentally locked his car keys inside and was trying to digitally open it through his phone, I wanted to hide my face and disappear forever.

Whew. Tapos natastas pa yung hem ng shorts ko. ;-(

Gino couldn’t stop laughing at me while I was telling him to open our car and get me out of there. But then I had the car keys in my pocket and he continued to enjoy watching me melt in embarrassment. Oh boy, Why do I do the things I do?




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