Graduation Memory

We have attended a friend’s daughter’s graduation party this past weekend and it led me to think back on my own college graduation in the Philippines and here in the US some years ago. 🙂 I love graduations. Not only because it meant no more final exams and it is the end of the not very easy academic journey, but it is also a new beginning of something greater. Many great and challenging chapters of my journey unfolded after graduation, and  I can only look back with so much gratitude to my parents who gave so much of themselves to send me to school, and to my husband who encouraged me to go back to school when I moved here. But I am most grateful to the Lord who gave me the strength to run and finish my academic race and my ultimate source of wisdom – “…in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” (Colossians 2:3c)

Congratulations to all the graduates and to all our friends and family whose sons and daughters have finished their academic race. May you not cease from learning new things and won’t hesitate to let go of any inhibitions that come between you and the sky. 🙂

tbt: but wait, what day is it again today? 🙂 ‘Night y’all! 



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