Across the Miles on Fathers Day

One of the qualities of my father that I wanted to have for myself is his being organized. Back in the days when my Ma used to cook food through a “pugon” (kiln) in the miningimage community we lived in, my father and my brothers would gather some firewood up in the mountains, and as a little girl then, I watched him chop and pile these firewood in a very even and organized stack. It made cooking fun and easier for my Ma. I am not as organized as he is but I try my best and I am a proud daughter to have learned how to put things together from my father.

This morning at our church, our new Pastor preached about fatherhood and God’s design for men. One of the things he shared was how fathers are to protect their families. I thought of my Pa again and recalled the last thing he does before he goes to bed back when all of his children were still living with him – he locks the doors. Scans the surroundings of our house and makes sure all windows are closed as well. He makes sure no one will hurt his family. That’s why we had curfews. He was worried when anyone of us wasn’t home yet when it starts to get dark. I take pride at the thought that his hard work and tough discipline has kept our family together.

So today across the miles, I celebrate my father for all that he has done and for all the he continues to do even now that his children have grown and are living their own lives. I thank God for you, Pa. From our phone conversation the other day, I know you miss your favorite girl, but I will see you soon. Happy Father’s Day.


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