An Unfortunate Event on Our Anniversary Dinner Cruise


imageWe did not completely sail out to the lake yesterday for our anniversary date because one of the passengers aboard our dinner cruise ship had a heart attack just about 5 minutes after we started sailing out. One of the paramedics was right on top of the passenger on the stretcher pumping his chest to try to revive him while they rush him out of the ship. And the sight of it left everyone on the boat speechless and tensed. I saw Gino stood by the window side with a clenched fist and I knew he was praying for him. I think it was a good call for the captain and the management to not push through with the cruise and I really don’t care that we did not. I just want that man to be okay and I hope he is now.


And so our dinner cruise was rescheduled, which I wasn’t even looking to be any more. Because when we boarded, they already had us start with drinks and food and just being seated in the boat and having dinner was perfectly entertaining and an awesome moment already.


The staff and crew of Odyssey Cruise Ships are commendable for their generosity and excellent customer service. Our server for example, was quick to give us update on what was going on and what we were supposed to do while the paramedics handle the situation. And when it was over, they tried to put everything back to normal as they reopened the buffet area and invited us to finish our meal at least. And the food was really good too. Some of the photos I took with my smart phone are posted below. 🙂


image It also seemed like all the staff knew us and about our anniversary because everyone of them, from the ticket collectors, to the photographers, to the ushers and servers and managers, they were all greeting us happy anniversary. They even decorated our table with rose petals. It’s like we did not miss our cruise at all!


But there is one more thing that made it feel like we did not miss anything at all. A friend who is based in Knoxville, Tennessee flew in to Chicago to celebrate her birthday on the same day of my wedding anniversary and we were privileged that she decided to celebrate it with us aboard the Spirit of Chicago Cruise Ship. Which made me realize right now how we were with her almost all dayimage and I never really got to greet her happy birthday. But I told everybody on the boat it was her birthday so I hope you don’t get too mad at me right ate Christy? But belated birthday greetings to you anyway. With all the things we were catching up on, I did not even feel the boat started to move from the pier. It was really fun to have you that day and I hope you’d come back soon. 🙂



imageOverall, I would say, it was a great time of celebration. It actually turned out a blessing. The cruise was supposed to be until 6:00 pm but because we got off the boat earlier and when were about 2-3 blocks away from where we parked, the rain started to pour. It would’ve been more messy if we were still out on the lake when it rained. Ate Christy and I had to stay in one corner to not be rained on while Gino went ahead to get our car. It was fun, I had fun. We all did. The unfortunate event in the boat and the rain did not stop me and my husband from praising God for the past eight years in our marriage. He was faithful and I believe He will continue to be faithful as He accomplishes His purposes in our marriage and in our lives. God is really good and His love endures forever!





image image image image image image


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