What’s in your Name? – A Birthday Tribute to my Favorite Man

The scent of the fresh herbs I put in the mostaccioli I am baking in my oven is slowly filling my house and it is totally mouth-watering. Ten more minutes and it will already be done, just in time before my guests arrive.Today is two days before my husband’s birthday and I told him we are going to have some people over for dinner to celebrate his birthday. To kind of surprise him, I did not tell him who else were coming aside from our faithful friends who are always there for us to share with our joy on all the occasions we have. And I thought it turned out a success when I saw the joy in his eyes when his cousin David and his family came, and later his sister, Vanessa. I wish I could have invited more, but with limited time and short planning, I did not want to put too much pressure on myself, so I limited my list to our friends who live nearby. I just wanted to celebrate my husband and for him to have a good time. And not only him enjoyed it, but everyone of us had fun as well. As a birthday tribute, we all shared a word that best describes who he is according to how each one had known him using the letters of his name. That was a very touching moment to hear such great words thrown to my husband from everyone who came. I have agreed with them all and I feel very blessed to have married such a wonderful man that radiates the grace of God in the way he lives and in the way he relates to me and to other people. I want to remember the words our friends used to associate with my husband so I have listed it all down.

G – good guy
I – independent
N – nice person
O – outgoing

F – friend
R – radiant
A – awesome
N – nice – for “two nice”
C – cousin – as favorite cousin
O – owesome! lol. oh yes, we do have very funny friends.

Thank you Lord, for giving my husband another great year in his life. As he starts another year, please give him the endurance to run the race that you have set before him. May you surround him with more people who love you and will be encouragement to him to continue to “walk by faith, and not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7). Help him to manage his time well with all the things and tasks that he needs to take care of in every day. Let him delight in Your law and always carry eternal perspective in every decision he makes. I also ask that I may truly be a good helper to my husband and to give him unconditional respect all the days of his life. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

To conclude this blog post, I would like to share a video of my husband while he reads to me a passage from the Bible. This has something to do with the current events that we have been discussing this past few days. I feel very blessed and I praise God that I married a man who has deep sensitivity when it comes to spiritual things and lets himself be guided by the principles of the Bible.

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