Mother, How Can I Thank You?

All my bags are packed, (nope, I am not about to sing John Denver’s, Leaving on a Jet plane song), but I remember the day I left home for college and how my Ma helped packed all my stuff while giving me the never-ending instructions on how to live my life away from home like spending my money wisely, stretching my week’s allowance, choosing the right friends, not staying out too late, not skipping meals, no boyfriends until graduation, etc etc. And since I am naturally a nice girl, (Yeah right. 🙂 ),I followed all that. I wanted to make her happy and to take pride in me. 
On my college graduation day, my Father told me that my Ma won’t be able to attend my graduation with him because she was busy preparing for my graduation dinner party in my parent’s house. I was upset and cried in frustration. I wanted her to be there with me and my Father. I wanted her to witness the result of her love and hardwork. When I walked up to the stage to claim my diploma, I saw her standing by the door of the auditorium, fixing the curls of her hair in a hurry with her hand, while scanning the audience to look where my Father was seated. When they called my name, I saw her step back to allow herself to see me march on the stage for my diploma, and then she proudly clapped her hands. She had tears in her eyes.
How can a daughter thank you, for your unconditional love and dedication to all your children. I do not know how, but this Mother’s day, I celebrate you for the wonderful mother that you have been. I think about you every day and I love you with all the love a daughter can give. The Lord is so good to have given me the gift of you. Thank you, Ma. Happy Mother’s Day.
“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” – Psalms 139:13



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