Simply Blessed

Taking care of slowly recovering Mr. G had been easy and convenient because we have great Church, family and friends’ support in every way. For the past weeks, these beautiful women at our church have tirelessly and are continually helping G and I in this seemingly forever-taking recovery process by providing us with fresh cooked sumptuous meals more than two times each week. Yes, the meals they make includes me too!With the demands of my day job and in the midst of cleaning out and packing stuff for our moving, not having to rush to prepare meals for my recovering husband has given me so much time to attend to other urgent and equally important concerns. These women are purely heaven sent as well as G’s family and our friends who are helping us pack our stuff each week.
I can’t wait to see Mr. G set his Electronics laboratory and Art corner up in the basement of our new home. I pray hard every day for him to get better so he can enjoy cruisin’ around our new neighborhood. The first time we drove to the new home, there is only one place that reminded him of it, and that is the city I lived in the Philippines which is Baguio. While we are still in the process and waiting to close on our new home, and praying that all goes through smoothly, I stand amazed at how the Lord’s hand had always reached out and met our needs in His perfect timing! One icebreaker question we answered in our small group Bible study about 2 weeks ago was, “Have we ever doubted God’s timing on something in our lives?”, where I started answering with a deep sigh. Once I am able to get back to my blog about this, I will share it with all of you.
Hope everyone had a reflective Memorial day today and to other parts of the globe, hope you are having a blessed start of the week! God bless you everyone!


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