Two Special Men to Celebrate on One Special Day

What a great day today to celebrate two occasions that are very important to me personally. Celebrating my father, who has a great sense of humor, for Father’s day, and the 9th year of being married to a wonderful and funny husband! These two men bring so much laughter and love in my life. 
So thank you, Gino, for pursuing me every day all through these years. The woman that I have grown to who I am today as a result of your love and leadership in our home, is something I will never trade for anything in this world. I love and respect you because you build our marriage on the solid-rock foundation of our Lord Jesus Christ. And for that, I am forever grateful. Happy Anniversary G. I love you every day.
My father is an over protective and a very strict man that he set curfews for me even when I was already 21. So when my husband asked my father that he wanted to marry me, I was nervous that my father will make it difficult to give us his blessings. Gino rehearsed his speech more than 3 times but none of it came out when he sat face to face with my father. He confessed he was nervous too and went straight to the point instead, “I want to marry your daughter, is that okay with you?” Up to this day, it makes me laugh when I remember how my father answered that question with a question too, “Are you sure?”, to which my husband confidently replied with, “Yes Sir, I am!” Obviously, he did not know what he was getting into. 🙂 So on this Father’s Day, I want to thank my Pa for graciously letting me go to marry the man my Ma and I have prayed for. He did not make it difficult as I thought he would because he knew me. He raised me and therefore, he trusted me. Happy Father’s Pa. I miss you and I am sending you my love across the miles.


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