Involvement is Intimacy

On our new Sunday afternoon habit by the porch, Mr. G and I remembered a friend who does not believe in marriage because he does not want anyone to meddle or interfere officiously with his daily life. So I asked Mr. G if he gets annoyed whenever I call him on the phone to ask what he’s doing, or where he is and what time will he be home etc, etc. And his answer was the sweetest. What followed wasn’t too sweet. But you know how Mr. G is sometimes. πŸ™‚
G: Nope. Not at all. Never will be. I don’t think it is ‘meddling’ when women ask or check on their husbands about their whereabouts or what they’re doing. I think it’s involvement. That’s how women generate intimacy. And I like it when my wife is intimate with me in every way.
M: It’s very nice of you to say that. So what time is your therapy tomorrow?
G: Now that is a top secret.
M: Now that is not very nice! Roar! 
Have a great week everyone! And don’t forget to be nice!


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