My Kind of Perfect Saturday

There’s this restaurant in Oak Brook that we’ve always wanted to try and we waited all week for Saturday to come so we could go and check it out. Plus I’ve always wanted to go back to food/restaurant blogging again and I thought it would be nice to try something new to get a good food story going. 
But since I finished my Saturday chores earlier than usual and it was a little early yet to go out for dinner at only three o’clock in the afternoon, I thought I’d cut up some watermelon for G to snack on which for some reason led me to make some corn on the cob with some butter. These are the sweetest, most delicious corn ever! I got these at less than 2 bucks from my neighborhood produce store. So yum! And then I saw a friend posted some street tacos her and her family are having at a restaurant while vacationing in Vegas and I thought to myself, “G is going to love those. Maybe I should make a few.” And so I made some street tacos. And you know you gotta have some rice and beans on the side to complete a taco dinner so I made some wild rice with quinoa and flax seeds because I am watching G’s diet. And thanks to canned refried beans, I got some street taco dinner in no time!
I served G some corn on the cob while he was watching TV and he asked me if I had a change for his twenty dollar bill. I told him I do and when I looked into my wallet, I only had a ten dollar bill and I realized I do not have enough money to eat out. Thank God for leading me to make the street tacos! To compensate for a failed trip to this restaurant, I decided to bake the salmon in my freezer, made some potato scallop in the oven and steamed some leftover vegetables, and stayed in my clean home! After all, my kind of perfect Saturday, is whenever I get to just stay home. 🙂


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