TBT: A Funny Story in the Midst of Adversity

Tbt. A funny story in the midst of the dreadful infection that G had in his spine almost 6 months ago.
Two days after his surgery, a hospital transporter took G from his room to bring him down for a TEE test. A TEE is an echocardiography where a tube is passed through the mouth down to the throat and into the esophagus and then settles on the upper chambers of the heart to take images of the heart muscles and valves, including the blood vessels that connect to the heart.


And the funny story happened while the transporter was pushing the stretcher that G was on, he suddenly remembered that he left the Doctor’s order in the room and he needs to go back up to get it or G won’t be admitted at the heart lab. He told me to wait with G in the hallway and he will go and get the paperwork. Before I could even say something, he immediately ran and disappeared. 
I guess we had no choice so while waiting, I took pictures of G and everything like I always do :-), when I noticed G was moving. I told him to not wheel the stretcher by himself because we do not know where we were going. He said he wasn’t doing anything. I tried to pull the stretcher back but I couldn’t. It was too heavy for me. I do not know how to operate this kind of stuff and I could not stop the stretcher from moving. G and I were laughing but I was also mad that the transporter did not make sure the breaks or whatever was set to park or steady. G went all the way and slammed the back part of the stretcher against those big windows while I continued to help pull the stretcher back with whatever little strength I had. At least he did not slam against the windows strongly and break it considering he just had a back operation! And the worse part,  there was no one around us to ask help from.  Isn’t that a little creepy ?  I was  glad it was daytime! Oh boy, was I reallly worried and was so mad at the transporter. When he got back to us, he even asked how we got there. I told him to never ever leave a patient like that again. He apologized and said he is new with this job. Ok, apology accepted even if he almost killed my husband and myself with heart attack. 🙂

We look back to this with laughter at the same time with deep gratitude to the Lord once again for His amazing grace that led us through this journey. I reach out to God no longer with a clenched demanding fist to heal my husband, but with open arms seeking only the Father’s touch. Sometimes, when we are in a not so good situation, we tend to demand God to heal us, to do this and do that. But I learned through this whole journey that God only wants us to draw near to Him, to stay close to His heart and everything will be just fine.
“But as for me, It is good to be near God. I have made the sovereign Lord my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds.” – Psalms 73:28