Set Your Thoughts Above To Change Your Mind

“Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.” – Colossians 3:2
With all the very sad things that are happening around the world, my husband took me out earlier to sit on the stairs outside for a short devotion and to challenge both of us to set our best thoughts on what heaven is like according to the Word. And we declared all the good things about heaven in a conversational way while looking at the sky…

G: In heaven, there is only pure joy. No sadness. No tears.
M: No pain.

G: No fear. No anger.

M: No sickness. No greed. No poverty. 

G: No fighting. No yelling. Just shouts of praises to the King.

M: No bills to pay. No driving!

G: Only love. Pure love.

M: And it is forever. 

G: And ever.

M: With Jesus.

G: Yes.

M: Maranatha!

G: O Lord, come…
God changes our hearts and renews our mind when we set our thoughts on the things above. Things that last forever. As we prayed for Paris and the world, I reached out to God no longer with a clenched demanding fist, but with a childlike faith seeking only the Father’s touch. This is what it is to walk in the Light and let love, instead of hate, overflow from our hearts. For God so loved the world… that His son died for all. (I am talking to myself).



Don’t you sometimes feel relieved that yesterday is finally over? Today is one of those days I do. Yesterday was a lot of deep thinking. Pondering. Almost to a point of making a decision I might or might not regret. Should I stay or should I go? Would walking away a demonstration of faith, or a an arrogant response to being burn out?
And then you wake up with a husband who tells you to focus on the joy that God had put before you. To focus on the prize. To focus not only on finishing the race, but on finishing it strong as well. A beautiful reminder to be thankful for yesterday instead of dragging it to today and to the next day.
And then I scroll down to my Instagram and found another devotional shared by one of the Filipino artists that I follow. A timely reminder to keep doing what God has called you to do – to walk in the Light, to do good and let love overflow from your heart instead. So today, I am ready to conquer another day at work focusing on the Star Maker and how great His love is for you and me. So help me, God.
Happy Tuesday!