Maybe Both

I was reading my Bible on my phone while waiting for the vanilla bean drink that I ordered for G at Starbucks earlier and there is this guy standing next to me who commented how pretty cool smart phones are that it lets you carry your Bible in it at all times. I politely nodded and confirmed how cool it really is.

And then he throws a question to me about Adam and Eve. I don’t know if he believes the same things I do about the Bible, but he seemed to be very knowledgeable of it. So he started by talking about how God told Adam and Eve that they will die if they eat the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden. And his question was, why did they not die after eating the fruit? He further relayed that, sure they, realized they were naked and felt ashamed of their bodies and started covering themselves with leaves etc. etc. But they were alive. If they died, we won’t be here. So was the serpent right all along when he told Eve that she will not die if she eats it, but will only become like God?
I am not a sarcastic person but sometimes my facial reaction says I am as my eyes opened wide and scanned the man from head to toe. I am so sorry but I was like, whaaatttt??? But I have been so passionate about learning again to be loving and how important it is to walk in the Light, as He is in the Light so I’m glad I was able to pull myself back, and be polite one more time. šŸ™‚
I started my response by saying, “I don’t know.” Over the years, I kind of figured that saying “I don’t know” here in the States doesn’t always mean you don’t really know. I did not want to appear like I am a gnostic or something so I guess, in this case, it’s me trying to be polite and accommodating. But I did not want to leave the guy with just that. I shared that Adam and Eve disobeyed God and therefore they sinned against him. And sin has a consequence – and it is death. When God banished Adam and Eve from the garden, they were separated from God. That separation is spiritual death. 
The guy nodded a couple of times and commented that what I told him was very interesting. He had a look in his eyes that seemed like he wanted to ask some more questions but I guess, he was trying to be polite as well. What a wonderful world this would be if everyone was polite right? But I gave my church information and invited him to check it out.
While I was driving home, and by the way, I did not realize I sipped more than half of G’s vanilla bean already haha. But it made me think, maybe physical death was also part of it. I mean Adam and Eve may not have died physically right after eating the fruit, but didn’t God say that they will live forever in the garden? Which means, they will never really die physically but because of sin, they will need to work hard for their food and will live up to a certain extent only. So maybe they both died spiritually and later on.physically? I don’t know. And this time, I don’t really know. If you observe all around you, our culture today, especially the youth, don’t even think or expect of living up to 80 or 90 years old. Okay, I am getting so carried away and G’s grande cup of vanilla bean is now down to just the whipped cream. OMG. So much to ponder! Praying that you, who spends time in the Word will be blessed beyond measure with knowledge and wisdom so we can lead those who are seeking Him, to Him. (this last part is me talking to myself) šŸ™‚
What a long story and its only Wednesday. šŸ™‚


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