Ten Years of Christmas

Can’t believe this is the 10th year already that my husband and I have shared Christmas together. Time flies.
And I am so thankful for my husband simply because, he loves me always. When I’m busy or lazy, when I cry or when I frown, when I am late or when I change my mind 3 times in one minute, when I’m slow and when I’m slower, when I stay too long on facebook and when I ask for one more minute to check on my instagram before we start dinner, when I am loud and when I am calm, when I ran in the rain and when I form snowballs to throw at him and laugh hard after, when I can’t find my keys, when I forget, when he asks for a vanilla ice cream but I buy a chocolate ice cream instead and he reacts joyfully with a “wow!” like it was still a vanilla ice cream, when it is a bright and sunny Saturday or when we reach the boring, common Tuesday – he loves me always with an unconditional love that I need every single day. I thank God for creating this man exclusively for me so that I can experience and have an idea of how perfect and unconditional God’s love is. Next to Jesus, this man of few words, is my best gift every Christmas, and every day. And the next is the selfie stick which I now carry in my purse always. Please do not unfriend me. I will try my best to not take too many selfies. 🙂 I am saying this but I’ve actually already taken about a hundred since a friend gifted me with it last week. 🙂 But don’t worry, I will try to not scare you with my selfies here. I think I scared too many of you already about my posts on talking to myself. So how much more if I take pictures of myself! But this selfie stick, it rocks!
Merry Christmas y’all. Happy new year, too! – from the Francos with love 



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