He Thinks of Me

Another sweet kid wanted so much to tell me something at our Sunday School class this morning while reaching his hand out to touch my hand, but he just couldn’t seem to get my full attention because all the other kids are telling me so many wonderful things about how God’s word is good and true. I can see how desperate he was to have his moment so I asked all the other kids to stop for a moment so we can hear what this 4 year old boy, who was the youngest in my class, has to say. 
And his eyes looked straight to mine and said, “And…and…and… God created my dog Nala, and then He created the sky…its a big sky! Look, its there…and the trees…and the daffodils…” Another kid yelled, “and the dinosaurs and the bears”! But I nodded to signal if we can let the other boy finish his speech first and he concluded it by saying, “And then…and then…He thought of you and then…He… He.. He made you too, and then me and my other dog.”
So sweet. But wait, what? Can we back up a little bit there please, when he said, “He thought of you…” Wow! God thought of me? Oh man, I would weep right there but I had to hold my emotions together because we have a whole class to hold yet. How can these young innocent hearts encourage Mr. G and I straight through our hearts!
I hope all of you go through this new week knowing that God thinks of you and He created you with a beautiful purpose. God is good. God is good. 🙂


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