Which Group Do You Belong? – Another Height Issue…

New kid. Maybe not. But this is another height issue…
As soon as he walked in and after I said hi, with a certain authority, he introduced his name and added, “I am 7 years old and I am from Michigan, but this is my fourth time here. So I am not a new kid”. I said ok. We treat everybody here like we’ve known each other for a while anyway. No problem.
While waiting for the other kids, he walked around the room and scanned the four walls of it, and threw occasional glances at me. And then he walked towards my direction. My heart started to beat fast at the sight of him coming. I’m like, uh-oh, what is he up to now… Without a shadow of doubt, he began to explain, “So there are people called adults and children or kids. I belong to the children’s group. What about you? Where do you belong?” I think my face turned either red or pale with that question but before I can answer, our other students stood on both sides of where I was standing, and this made me feel like, yeah they got my back. You are only one and you are from Michigan. So in an effort to appear I am the authority in the room, told him that I belong to the adult group.
I thought that ended the confrontation but my answer did not seem to satisfy his inquiry and he went on to say, “Well, adults are usually grown ups. I think you’re too little to be a grown up.” His hands were tucked in his pants pockets displaying a certain sense of both coolness and – toughness. Yep, this boy’s tough.
I was hoping Mr. G would come in my defense but he couldn’t stop laughing to hear this conversation.
During our class, I shared about how Jesus died and what happened after he died. Another interesting question from another kid during the discussion was why Jesus died and why did He die for us. Just love their honest curiosity. After sharing the whys from the Word, we came to an understanding that Jesus died for our sins, and He is the King, and He is alive again.. We cut out some paper crowns to demonstrate our faith in Him and to crown Him King of kings!
But it melted my heart when this boy from Michigan came up to me again before leaving to say this to me, “Ms. Mona, I think I’m going to come back. I want to come back.” I smiled at him and responded, “Please come back.” I met his Mom at the door too and had a little conversation. So Precious!
Although our reason at first for volunteering as Sunday School teachers for our church is a little self-centered, as we just wanted to know and rediscover our spiritual gifts,  every Sunday turns out to be a great time of discovering more – of who He is and that He called us to be a part of this ministry. Sometimes adults can be like kids, and sometimes kids can talk like adults. But we all belong in one group as God’s children. Just thankful to be given such privilege to serve kids for the glory of the Lord Jesus who miraculously rose from the dead. Tears! Happy Easter everyone!