How 1st John Reminds me of Her this Mothers’ Day

I am a daughter and I am motherless – for about 14 years now. 😌 
But everyday, I celebrate the wonderful mother that I once had. πŸ’– And before this Mothers’ Day end, I also want to pay tribute to her because she loved me and prayed faithfully for me to become the best woman that I can be. In my almost 7 months of study on 1 John in the Bible with godly and wonderful women at our church from October last year, I’ve had many moments when I saw and remembered how my mother was so much like the apostle John. She had the same passion in proclaiming the truth and had always warned me to be careful on who I listen to – like how John warned believers about false prophets and antichrists. (1 John 2:26, 4:1-7) John also like to call or adress believers as “little children” and this reminded me so much on how my Ma would always also call me “anak ko” (my child) πŸ’– Beautiful study of 1 John that led me to remember with great joy – the wonderful journey I had with my Ma. πŸ˜ŒπŸ’ž
So cheers to the mothers who have gone before us. As a symbolic Mothers’ day greeting , my husband and I flew 2 balloons for his mom and mine earlier today. 😘
And this concludes my week-long vacation. 😯 Goodnight world, and happy Mothers’ Day. ✨☺️✨

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