Uncle Frank

We were sitting at a dear friend’s wake last Wednesday evening when we learned that Gino’s uncle, uncle Frank, passed away. Our already grieving hearts turned even heavier to receive such news. I froze for a minute after my sister-in-law and I talked over the phone about it. Interestingly, my husband was just telling me Monday to not make any plans this Saturday because we are going to spend time with him in the hospital where he was confined. He planned to play more of uncle Frank’s favorite music and just grab some lunch around the hospital area. 

Uncle Frank holds a special place in our hearts. Him and aunt Connie. They were one of Gino’s family who welcomed me with open arms and made me feel so at home. They have very pleasant personalities and there is never a dull moment with them. I also appreciate how they were there for Gino when he got sick last year to help In taking him to his Doctors’ appointments. They were almost like 2nd parents to Gino. 
Uncle Frank also served in the US Navy and was stationed in the Philippines in the 1960’s . He has stories about my country more than I do! And I love that he regarded me like his own – almost making me feel and claim like I am his long lost daughter 😌. 💖 I will never forget him and his gentle countenance and so this is my loss too. When Gino briefly shared the gospel to him last Saturday and when asked if he wanted to invite Jesus in his heart – he said yes. Gino prayed with him which makes it hard to feel too sad because we know he is with Jesus now. But its still a loss and it hurts to say goodbye – because he was a good man and we will greatly miss him. 😌💖


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