Time in the Word – and Basketball

Time in the Word this morning – and it was a little struggle because I couldn’t get my mind off of game 7. 🏀 So I ended up praying that the Golden State Warriors will have a sweet home victory against the Cavaliers in spite of Lebron being – Lebron. 😬
King David defeated Goliath (1 Samuel 17), and Abraham believed the Lord (Genesis 15:6)

The latter verse is actually what my time in the Word is about on this beautiful Saturday morning while I sent my husband to wash the cars – and it also happens to be the memory verse for my Sunday School Kids last week. Oh, and I have a really sweet Sunday School blooper/story that I have been wanting to write about and I will tell you the best ever excuse from not being able to write it yet – NO TIME. 😛
But back to the Word…” Abraham believed the Lord…” Just when I thought we are on the right track that God had somehow, all of a sudden, allowed some more of life’s stop signs, and detours, and changes, and more changes redirecting your footsteps to something that you do not and cannot know yet. And the only word left to speak for me from the past week was – wow. And so today, while preparing the rocks we collected from the river bank for our Sunday School Kids’ Fathers’ day craft for tomorrow – the lesson asked me to review our memory verse. I read it aloud more than once, and then another, and it felt like the words came off of the handout and danced in a wave kind of motion right in front of my very eyes. I felt comforted. I had tears. I felt peace. 😌Peace that comes from believing that God knows what He is doing – and that whatever He does is perfect. 

Abraham obeyed God because he believed in Him. And God blessed him in the end by giving him his son back. Obedience brings blessings. 👍🏼 I have seen this so many times. And still sometimes, I tend to forget🤔. But thankful this morning, for a timely reminder through Abraham’s obedience and faith. 😌💖
Go Warriors! I told you, can’t get it off still – and can’t wait till game 7 is over. No more overthinking please. Happy weekend y’all! 😘


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