When He Was Born

Shepherds in Jesus’ day were at the bottom of the social ladder. They were marginal and disdained. But God announces the birth of King Jesus to them first and it is through them that other people learn about the birth of the Messiah, as relayed in the book of Luke, chapter 2. 🤓
Fun time this morning during our Sunday school class as we re-enacted what the Shepherds were doing the night when they were out in the open fields, (probably star-gazing), and when an angel appeared to them to announce the great news of Jesus’ birth. What joy it was to take a closer look of the coming of the Messiah – it felt like we were transported back in time as we ran around the room- rushing to see the new born baby, catching our breath like how the Shepherds did when they reached the place where the baby was. God’s promised Son was born – and He is the Light of the world.

Every child is precious. Love the Children’s Ministry and the amazing things that God is doing – but also now praying for the next ministry God may lead us to serve next. We are excited. Pray with us! 😊🙏🏻


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