Time in the Word Brings Joy and Freedom

Spending time in the Word doesn’t always come easy for me. I need to constantly remind and push myself to make it happen. And the joy that fills my heart when it happens is something I will never trade for anything in the world. There is joy and freedom in our pursuit of God, and He meets us there when we seek Him.And I am always also reminded by the constant question my Ma use to ask me when she was still around – If you were on a trial for being a Christian, would there be anough evidence to convict you? Barbara Rainey of Family Life Ministries explains what I fear when I do not push myself to spend time in the Word. And thankful for group of beautiful and godly women who I can journey with in studying His Word.

“Many of us do not really know what we believe in. LIke a cork in the ocean, driven and tossed by the waves, we bounce from opinion to opinion, influenced more by the last book we read than by a lifetime of biblical study. We’ve become activity junkies, seldom stopping long enough to decided what really matters to us, too busy to determine what’s really worth living for, let alone worth dying for. As a result, we live our lives based upon “near beliefs.” Near beliefs have enough truth in them to sound strangely familiar to convictions, yet they’re too weak to inspire us or our actions. Too anemic to influence us to make a decision that demands sacrifiice…When near beliefs are our only source of motivation, tough stands are never taken, feathers are never ruffled, and absolutes are held very closely. Without core convictions to help us navigate, we stand uneasily on shifting sand, and we lack the solid footing with which to stage a life of principle and character.”


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