Misua Again?

Chinese vermicelli, product of the Philippines – in short, its Misua 🍜. One of the easiest and most prepared soup in my parents house when we were growing up. I remember I use to always complain and say, “Misua na naman”? (Misua again?) And my Ma would always explain that this is what they could afford at the moment. And then she follows up with a promise to make some chicken or fish when my father gets his next paycheck. My parents were poor, but I just love how my Ma can make something so good out of ordinary noodles and vegetables. 
And since I missed a planned trip to the newly opened Filipino Seafood City in Chicago due to an all day headache, I decided to make this noodles that’s been sitting in my pantry for a while. And it sure brought back happy memories of my mother who was the best cook ever! Now, let’s see if I am able to duplicate her recipe of this, which I don’t think I canπŸ€”. But either way, I think it will be perfect for this very cold night. πŸ˜‰