Of chicken adobo and Hebrews

Made my Mother’s version of chicken adobo tonight for dinner – and its vinegary aroma while it simmers brought back so many memories. Amazing how the sense of smell can really evoke powerful memories. Makes me long for home. And for her. ❤️

This also reminds me of some others in the Bible who were longing for home in a different way. The author of Hebrews tells about those who, instead of looking backward, were looking forward with faith for their home in heaven. Hebrews 11:14-16. It may be too far ahead of them to hope for it, but they trusted God’s faithfulness and His promises to bring them home – in heaven – with Him forever. We are all strangers and pilgrims (v. 13) in this world – and our time here on earth is only for a while. And the past, nor the present, can never compare with what is ahead of us. Just thankful tonight for the hope we have in Jesus – King and Heir of all things.😌❤️