Ordinary Charcoal Gray Shirt

Every morning when I am all dressed up for work, my husband has this funny habit of assimilating the color of my clothes to things. Like if I am wearing blue, he would say I look like a blueberry, or like a pink lily when I'm wearing pink, or would ask which garden of roses did I come from when I'm in red, and like a ray of sunshine with my yellow dress one rainy day, and so on and so forth. But this morning was a little bit of a challenge for him with my charcoal gray shirt. His comment was plain and simple – "Oh, no color today? It's alright, you have a beautiful smile anyway". 😉😁😜

Such a funny guy. ☺️

Still smiling through all that morning banters while driving to work, and God reminded me of Psalm 43, especially verse 4 – "…to God my exceeding joy…" We all go through those moments when there are no colors or flashes of light – and no apparent thrill to life. When our daily routine becomes so ordinary and plain. When we wear charcoal gray shirts. Thankful to realize that even in the smallest detail, and most mundane and not so colorful moments of our lives – God calls us to find our joy in Him – for He is our exceeding joy and our delight. We do not have to fall in the trap of looking for bigger things and brighter days only. He works, and is Omnipotent even in small things and ordinary charcoal gray days. Thank you, God. This, this puts the smile on my face. 😌❤️

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