A Starchy Snack from my growing up years…

😞Almost cut my fingers this morning while trying to peel off the skin of these starchy cassava tubers – or yuca as they call it here in the US, or what we simply all as ” kamoteng kahoy” in the Philippines. What an early morning struggle it was. But after it cooked – I guess it was worth it. My Ma use to serve this a lot for snacks when we were growing up. And she had so many ways to make it – most of her recipes included coconut milk and sugar, or milk and butter. And I intended to make it with coconut this morning – but the struggle was real. I think I spent about 45 minutes trying to peel off 2 tubers only, and plus the boiling time – I did not feel like I wanted to continue cooking it with coconut. But it isn’t that disappointing at all – because eating it as it is after it got softened from boiling, was just as good😋. Enough to remind me of the woman I always looked up to for so many reasons – and her being a great and creative cook is one of them. Thank you, Mother❤️.

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